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What is the Spotter :

The Spotter is a unique business / social tool that allows users to showcase their companies and services to the Spotter Business Platform.

Become part of a trusted (verified) digital community that lists their companies; markets and sells their brands/ products/ services online, with secure end to end encryption technology. The Spotter is your business's PA, that connects your business to a hyper-specified range of customers, businesses, staff, events and so much more...

With geo-location, no matter what kind of business, or where you are The Spotter will find any solution to your business needs and in your designated area/s of your choice. All users and consumers will get notifications based solely on their interest or search requests.

Are you a business or service provider?

List your enterprise on The Spotter, verified World and boost your business!


  • A verified profile authenticating your business Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Receive all negative feedback privately and see all good reviews shared live.

  • Target related marketing - market your business or brand in a specific area or to a specific audience.

  • Around the clock assistance from The Spotter Online.

  • Post job ads, specials and deals.

  • Connect via messages, video calls or audio calls.

  • Grow your followers and collect your customers database and feed back.

  • Filter your notification fields to receive alerts necessary to your business and interests.

  • Customer loyalty programs - EARN coins from all your activity & BURN them at our online shop.

  • Secure, crypted application. Connect in safe mode.